• Unlike any other place in the world, Saint Tropez is a wonderful place to shop. Where else would you be able to experience such high-end boutiques like Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton jammed together in an alleyway with butchers and grocery shops? There are a huge variety of places to shops, covering all sorts of stuffs. The charming Place de la Garonne holds plenty of high-end boutiques as well. If you are looking for high-end shops, you should focus more around the golden triangle of Rue Allard, Rue Gambetta and Place des Lices.An amazing experience where everyone mixes together in one shopping district. You would see the high-fashion model and her billionaire boyfriend walking alongside the dodgy looking Brazilian man with tattoos, tank top and shorts. Nobody is prejudiced, and very few shops even have guards – as the entire place is covered by a security team working for the safety of the civilians. Quite an interesting sight to see.For those who wants to experience the French bazaars, head over to the Place du Lices early in the morning on every Tuesday and Saturday. A place to be to purchase groceries and greeneries such as vegetables, fruits, poultry and meat if you have a villa with access to a kitchen that you can use to cook. There are also stalls selling branded goods that you could bargain for. Right around the corner of the Porte de la Poissonnerie, one of the village’s historic entrance, lies a little fish market where you could get fresh fish to enjoy seafood cooking.If you are a fan of fashion, head over to the Rondini Family to get yourself of a Tropezian sandal, which is made especially for St Tropez – inspired by its population. These sandals costs at least 120 Euros a pair. The Rondini Family is located at 16 Rue Clemenceau, and they had been there for a long time since 1972. For more information call 0033.494.97.19.55.

    While you have already gotten the Tropezienne Sandals, you might as well collect them all by getting another popular sandal on St Tropez island called the Spartiates, designed by the K Jacques family, which started in 1977. They were Armenian refugees who came to St Tropez to open up businesses, which is the best decision they ever made.

    The Spartiates Sandals costs roughly around 155 Euros a pair. 

    The K Jacques family can be found at 25 Rue Allard and 16 rue Seillon, and for more information head call at 0033.494.97.4150.

    Even long before hedonists came to visit St Tropez and make it a place of sinful pleasures, the island had long made its name in the business of fine-wine production. It is still one of St Tropez main economical success, hence, you would stumble across many vineyards all over St Tropez.

    To enjoy the best wine of St Tropez, head over to La Cave de St Tropez at Avenue Paul Roussel in the village of St Tropez itself. It opens all year round from Monday to Sunday. For more information on La Cave de St Tropez call at 0033.494.97.01.60.

    Run by one of St Tropez’s leading private wine producers, the Caveau des Maîtres Vignerons de la Presqu’ile de St Tropez is the next place to go besides La Cave de St Tropez at Avenue Paul Roussel. It is located at La Foux. For more information call at 0033.494.56.32.04.


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