The dream of Saint Tropez

7 Secrets to enjoying Saint Tropez France Cote d'Azur

The dream of Saint Tropez

The dream of Saint Tropez

  • It was the time then in Saint Tropez, a time of the year for which people used to wait desperately. Summer had arrived there and it was the beginning of a 3 month rocking carnival at the beach their in St. Tropez. Not only it was the time for merry making and partying at the all day beach clubs but it was the peak time for various legendary night clubs which used to be capacitated with 1000 Euro dinners and there used to be all night long boozing.It was the period of July and August when world’s richest and most famous celebrities used to come at St. Tropez via their private helicopters or via naval fleet to attend the most lavishing parties of all time because there were no limits when it came to time, money or modesty. The level of people never mattered there as they had to search the most crowded and lavish places to check where the latest trends have shifted because the famous clubs and restaurants used to move out everytime from one place to another according to the trends.
  • Off to the Beach Clubs

    • Summer’s Hottest New Tables

    July and August were the two months when you would find whole crowd of St.Tropez at the beaches during day time. The Dresses that people wore were basically beach clothes. The Guys used to wear basic linen shirts and Women used to wear colorful camisoles also known as Sundresses. Apart from this any other clothes would have also done until you would have jumped into something unique and totally undesirable.The wildest and the hottest beach club in St. Tropez was La Voile Rogue. The guests arrived at this place through their yachts or private parking places. If you arrived earlier here then you would have got the lounger easily along the water and making the way through main deck which was for lunch. Another add in here was the boutique which provided chic collection of linen beachwear.

    If you wanted to be on the more mature side then Le Club 55 was suitable for you.This place was famous for its food rather than parties and the beach scene was quite on the disappointing side as it was incapacitated by naked toddlers and pasty families.

    In all this place was for a supreme meal and not for partying. The best delicacy here was the French seafood.

    It was the farthest beach club from the town and gathered French crowd the most who were the locals and knew the nerves of this place very well. Les Palmiers famous for its topless sunbathing and ornate lunches in a wonderful open air environment. At this time of summer the French guys who are basically of bronze complexion flaunt their abs so as to attract women by their physique and through flirting.

    The party shifts to Nikki Beach in late afternoon when deejays play near side the pools in an open air lounge.This party goes on till 7 pm and in the meantime Russian models try to catch attention by wearing Pucci camisoles and oversized hats followed by table top dancing and showers of champagne flowing in the place.

    If you are not at La Villa Romana at the weekend then you might miss some of the great actions and food that has been a long time favorite. La Villa Romana is a street located near the main village and always captivates big names through its campy crocodile Dundee meeting with Versace Décor . Food at this place has attracted celebrities like Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel for its Italiano dishes.If you are not in a mood to go away from the ports to La Villa then the investors have invested a great deal in Villa Tosca. It is a spin off restaurant and a lounge which is located near the main port which offers dining room which is covered with canopies having modern arts at the walls along with over the top gladiator décor. In warmer times you should be there around 10 pm grabbing a seat and enjoying the weekend away from your VIP room in a sedating hopping club.


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