Where to Stay

7 Secrets to enjoying Saint Tropez France Cote d'Azur

Where to Stay

Where to Stay

The most famous hotels there in St. Tropez used to be The Byblos Hotel and The Chateau de la Messerdiere. These two hotels were the best and the most beautiful places facilitated by such luxuries that were just perfect for the people who had money filled pockets. The Byblos Hotel was situated near the Versailles Party Court and it was on walking distance from the nearby villages and consisted of awesome facilities out of which Alain Ducasse’ Spoon restaurant was the best one followed by a latest Sisley’s All Day Spa.

The guests were escorted by private Chauffeurs to the beach clubs and they were provided by a chic day kit which contained chilled water , tanning oils and Byblos emblazed towels.

If these were the facilities provided by The Byblos then The Villa Marie, situated near outer Ramatuelle, wasn’t far behind in making people make their money worth spending at their place as they provided customers a luxury place to stay Since 2004. Villa Marie was famous to captivate the richest Parisians who used to love hip hop bass. Villa Marie was more on the rock band theme, a private villa famous for its mesmerizing pool, upscale restaurant and an elegant scenery whole throughout the summer for the visitors.

If people were into fashion stuff the St.Tropez had its crowd gathered at one of the famous boutiques in town Kube Hotel. It was established in 2009 by the creators of Murano Resort and Kube Paris which opened in Gassin. This hotel was famous for its pool side Ice bar and rooftop lounges , something that was not known at this place till now.

If you didn’t came till June here in St Tropez and all the glamorous were unluckily booked then just check in Pan Die Palais. This place is newest in town and came into existence in 2007 located just near the village Place Dei Lices. This place was famous for its India inspired theme throughout the pool bar and guest rooms which made people attracted towards here.

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