Getting to St. Tropez

7 Secrets to enjoying Saint Tropez

Getting to St. Tropez

Getting to St. Tropez

Getting to St. Tropez

Even if the Toulon- Hyères TIN is the closest airport to St Tropez, being only 50 minutes away which is much better compared to other airports, we suggest to land at Nice-Côte d’Azur NCE airport (about 90 minutes) because it receives a lot more of flight companies and it’s much more easy to find an Airport Taxi or eventually a Car Rental. We offer both services.

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Arriving in St.Tropez by Yacht is a popular choice for travelers who want to experience the glamour and luxury of this French Riviera destination. Here are the steps to arrive in St. Tropez by yacht:

Plan your route: Check the weather conditions and plan your route to ensure a safe and comfortable voyage.

Book a Marina: Book a marina in St. Tropez in advance to secure a dock for your yacht. There are several marinas in the area, including Port de Saint-Tropez and Port Grimaud.

Arrange Customs Clearance: Contact the local authorities to arrange customs clearance before your arrival.

Navigate to St. Tropez: Once you have completed the necessary preparations, navigate to St. Tropez and moor at the reserved marina.

Explore St. Tropez: Enjoy the luxurious lifestyle, fine dining, and scenic beaches of St. Tropez, either by foot or by yacht. Note: Before setting sail, make sure you have the necessary paperwork and safety equipment on board.

The coordinates for the main marinas in St. Tropez are:

Port de St-Tropez: 43.2536° N, 6.6393° E

Port Grimaud: 43.2694° N, 6.5788° E

For mooring details and information on available facilities, it is recommended to contact the specific marinas directly. They can provide information on pricing, mooring options, and any additional requirements for yacht arrival.

Grab a taxi from the Toulon-Hyères Airport which would cost Euro 150 for one way. You could also get on the 7803 bus which travels 5 times a day from the airport as well for only Euro 2 one way (

From the Nice Airport, the cost for a Private Limousine, starting from Euro 395 for one way. If you could afford it, consider taking a three people helicopter ride with Azur Hélicoptère for 790 Euros which only takes 20 minutes.

Taxi from Nice could cost from 206 Euros to 243 Euros. If you are on a budget, take the bus. Take the 3003 bus at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2, and go down at St Raphael and then, take transit on the 7601 bus to get to St Tropez.

This might take a long time, but it is the cheapest alternative which would only cost less than 5 Euros. Alternatively, since you are already at St Raphael, you could go to the Old Port there and catch the Bateaux de St Raphaël shuttle service. It costs 14 Euros for adults and 8 Euros for children to get to St Tropez.

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The traffic jams would be enormous during the summer. Avoid main roads and continue beyond St Tropez, Le Croix-Valmer or Gassin. Head over to the side roads via Ramatuelle and St Anne Chapel to get to St Tropez.

This is the time for you to drive luxurious cars such as Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati, Bentley, Mercedes, and Lamborghini. The price is affordable, all you have to do is head over our website, and choose the car of your dreams to book a car complete with delivery and drop off service. Wow, the locals as you ride in your dream wheels, and head to clubs in Saint Tropez, impressing everyone.

Speed by Saint Tropez and drive around the beautiful scenery as you feel the breeze of the French Riviera brushing through your hair. Be the center of attention during your St Tropez Holiday.

The streets of Saint Tropez are quite small, making walking the perfect choice for short distance traveling. There is no efficient public transport system, except for very few shuttle bus which heads towards the popular beaches.

If you would love to ride all over Saintrop and Ramatuelle on a bike or scooter, try Holiday Bikes at 12 Avenue Général Leclerc (+33 494 972 617). Take a ride down Vieux port, park there and take a boat ride tour with Transports Maritimes Tropeziens (+33 494 550 992).

In the picture above the Byblos Saint Tropez, one of the best hotel in St Tropez!, what else?


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