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7 Secrets to enjoying Saint Tropez France Cote d'Azur

Beaches Guide

Pampelonne Beach
Pampelonne Beach is one of the places responsible to shooting St Tropez to fame in the 50s. During the high seasons of summer, this beach alone is able to top attract over 30,000 visitors a day. In August 1944, it was originally a key site of the Allied landings. It is a place where the rich and the famous, and hedonistic followers as well as lovers of the sun, sand and the sea flock to.

There are over 27 private beach clubs scattered all over Pampelonne Beach, all sharing the limited 50-acre space of sandy beach land. From restaurants to bars, it is a hip place that attracts the crowd, from the locals to visitors, from the beach bum to internationally renowned billionaires. To truly enjoy the beach clubs, you would need a healthy bank account or an unlimited credit card as things could get pricey, and you could never get enough to pamper yourself with the beach mattresses, loungers, and parasols, as well as the variety of food to fill your rumbling tummy.

If you want to stay close to the beach, you can find some nice boutique hotels here!

The Pampelonne Beach Clubs

Club 55 is one of the most popular clubs among all of Pampelonne Beach St Tropez! It was originally a cabin in the 1950s, until the movie set of “And God Created Woman” made it as their canteen. They have flourished ever since and never looked back. Contact them at 0033.494.55.55.55. Next to Club 55, another popular destination is Voile Rouge, which had been popular ever since 1967, and is one of the sexiest clubs of Pampelonne beach.
Contact them at 0033.494.79.84.34.

The Tahiti Beach is the oldest establishment in Pampelonne beach, which was estimated to run since 1946. It is located right in front of Tahiti Beach Hotel and pulls the more elegant, classy and mature crowd. When you see orange parasols lined up in a military fashion, you know that is the Tahiti Beach Club. For more information, head over to their official website at or contact them at 00 33 494 97 18 02.

If you come with your family and you have children, head over to Les Jumeaux which would welcome your kids with arms wide open as they have a playground, and there are games for the young ones as well. The menu is also child-friendly. It is very Parisian in fashion, and art fans had talked about the great arts at Les Jumeaux. It is open every day even for lunch. For more information, call them at 0033.494.55.21.80. One of the good places to eat is at Nioulargo – Kai Largo which serves Italian cuisine and Indochinese meals in an exotically themed restaurant, and a sophisticated place suitable for the hungry mass. More info at 00.33.494.97.81.58.

Another popular and affordable place to visit and have fun is the Moorea Club. Even though it is in the lower end price spectrum, celebrities still visit this place which brings this colorful club to life. More info at 0033.494.97.81.58.

For those who want to enjoy a more laidback atmosphere with simple but good food, head over to the Aqua Club, a place where families are welcomed, and a place where many celebrities and politicians head to for the grilled fish and pasta. For more info call them at 0033.494.79.84.35.

La Cabane Bambou is another popular destination to go to, a unique restaurant with a desert theme. They serve the best Thai cuisine in all of St Tropez and sip Mojitos to accompany your meal. If it gets too tiring for you, you could even order massages! Take refuge under their beautifully designed huts as you enjoy your meal while being pampered by their massage therapists – the ideal idea of comfort.

Other beaches
Although the Pampelonne beach might be the biggest, longest, most popular and most famous beach destination of St Tropez, the other smaller beaches are worth the visit. It is also the place to head to as it is less crowded due to it being less popular and less famous. These smaller beaches are walking distance from the village of St Tropez. If you really cannot stand the crowd at Pampelonne beach, head over to Plages La Ponche, Plages La Glaye and Plages de la Fontenette.

Plage de la Bouillabaisse
It might not be as beautiful as Pampelonne beach itself, but Plage de la Bouillabaisse still boasts a great view over the bay to the Maures mountains. There are not many people around, and it is easily accessed from the village. There are also beach clubs, restaurants or bars that you could head to, to get a feel of Pampelonne beach. The Pearl Beach is one of the most popular beach clubs of Plage de la Bouillabaisse, a popular spot to head to. For more information head over to their website at or call them at 00 33 498 12 70 70.

Plage des Graniers
Follow along Sentier du Littoral, a slight walk out of the village. Hidden among hills and trees, Plage des Graniers proves to be a charming spot. They also serve a mean grilled fish for lunch at their in-house restaurant. They can be contacted at 00 33 494 97 38 50.

Plage des Salins
It is often mistaken to be a part of Pampelonne, as it is the last beach before Pampelonne. Another great spot to visit, and accessible through Route des Salins from the village and they have an in-house restaurant as well. For more information, head over to or contact them at 00 33 494 97 15 66., what else?



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