J and Valentina, radiantly dressed in chic white outfits, enjoy an enchanting evening at L'Operà, the famous and jet-set bar located at the port of Saint-Tropez. They're smiling and engaged, seated at a table with a captivating view of the lively and stylish crowd surrounding them, fully immersed in the exclusive and vibrant atmosphere of this renowned hotspot.

J and Valentina at the L’Operà

Le Rêve de Saint Tropez

The breathtaking rooftop vista of Barrière Le Majestic Hotel in Cannes unfolds under the night sky, featuring an elegant pool that mirrors the twinkling stars above. This magnificent view extends to the shimmering bay and the famous Croisette, capturing the essence of luxury and serene beauty. The lights from the city and along the boulevard cast a golden glow, adding a magical touch to the already spectacular scene, making it a quintessential symbol of glamour and exclusivity.

Barrière Le Majestic Cannes

a 5-Star Hotel in Cannes

Doutzen Kroes captivates upon her arrival at the Martinez Hotel in Cannes, during the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. She is the epitome of elegance and allure, dressed in a stunning white gown that tastefully showcases a leg through its high slit. The dress hugs her silhouette gracefully, complementing her supermodel stature. Her presence is a radiant highlight of the event, as she confidently walks the red carpet, drawing admiring glances from onlookers, embodying the glamour and excitement that the festival is renowned for.

Doutzen Kroes at the Martinez Cannes

a 5-Star Hotel in Cannes

Lais Ribeiro shines in a yellow gown at Cannes, embodying Riviera glamour. Her dress, with a bold slit, paired with elegant heels, captures the essence of luxury and haute couture against the backdrop of the French Riviera's most prestigious event

Lais Ribeiro

Festival de Cannes

A panoramic view unfolds of the Muse Hotel's superbly designed pool area in Saint Tropez, nestled amidst whispering pines, marrying modern luxury with natural tranquility—a testament to Riviera elegance.


a 5-Star Hotel in Saint Tropez

A young lady in a striking blue bikini graces the poolside of the Belrose Hotel in Saint Tropez, her gaze adrift over the stunning bay, capturing a moment of serene luxury against the Riviera's breathtaking backdrop.

Villa Belrose

a 5-Star Hotel in Saint Tropez

The entrance to the Hotel de Paris in Saint Tropez comes alive at night, bathed in golden light, welcoming guests into a world of unparalleled luxury and enchanting ambiance, truly a gateway to Riviera opulence

Hotel de Paris

a 5-Star Hotel in Saint Tropez

As the sun sets, the pool area at the Sezz Hotel in Saint Tropez is transformed into a serene haven, with a majestic pine standing guard. White accessories and golden lighting complement the scene, creating a super cool moment of unparalleled tranquility and style.


a 5-Star Hotel in Saint Tropez

An orange AMG GTS, vibrant and dynamic, cuts through the air, embodying the thrill of speed and the epitome of engineering elegance in Saint-Tropez


Luxury Car Rental

At night, the Kube Hotel in Saint Tropez unveils its superbly designed pool area, where intense blue waters meet a striking metallic kube structure, symbolizing the hotel's innovative spirit and chic luxury.


a 5-Star Hotel in Saint Tropez

A magical Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 Roadster, in a stunning sugar paper blue, stands ready to be rented, promising an exhilarating journey through the Côte d'Azur, blending speed with the region's breathtaking scenery.


Luxury Car Rental

A snapshot captures the iconic Byblos Hotel villa, its elegance heightened by the presence of distinguished automobiles, including a vintage Rolls Royce, showcasing a blend of classic luxury and timeless style.


a 5-Star Hotel in Saint Tropez

A radiant Alexandra, adorned in a black bikini with delicate, colorful shell accents, relaxes along the Pampelonne Beach in Saint Tropez, epitomizing the serene yet vibrant beachside elegance.

Alexandra / Pampelonne Beach

Le Rêve de Saint Tropez

A splendid image unveils the quintessential Tropezienne style of the Château de la Messardiere hotel, featuring a round pool at its heart, beautifully adorned on the floor, capturing the essence of luxury and elegance unique to Saint Tropez.

Château de la Messardière

a 5-Star Hotel in Saint Tropez

Olga, with her sensual lips and clad in a coordinated black bikini adorned with silver-stoned sunglasses, sips champagne on the beaches of Saint Tropez, capturing the essence of luxury and the carefree spirit of the Riviera.

Olga in Saint-Tropez

Le Rêve de Saint Tropez

The opulent Diamond Suite, once occupied by Prince Rainier III in 2020.

Hotel de Paris Monaco

a 5-Star Hotel in Monaco


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